Medical studies in Latvia

If you want to pursue your dream of studying medicine, you should also consider the Baltic country of Latvia. Here, you can start your medical career without an NC at state-of-the-art universities with a first-class education system. Find out what else speaks in favour of studying medicine in Latvia here.

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Universities where you can study medicine in Latvia:

Stradins University Riga, Latvia - Medical studies abroad


All about the Stradins University in Riga.


All about the University of Latvia in Riga.

Latvia may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of studying medicine without an NC. But it's worth taking a closer look at the "Jewel of the Baltics", because in addition to exciting studies in an excellent education system, the small country also has a lot to offer culturally and scenically.

Advantages of studying medicine in Latvia

With so many European universities offering medical studies, it's easy to lose track. The advantages of studying medicine in Latvia (Baltic States) and information about what it can offer you can be found here:

Numerus Clausus is not a problem here

An NC is not everything. In contrast to universities in Germany, you do not need a 1.0 NC in Latvia to be admitted to a medical degree programme. Universities in Latvia prioritise good grades in science subjects and a good command of English.

Study possible with vocational baccalaureate

If you do not have an Abitur, you can also apply to a few universities in Latvia with a specialised Abitur. Good grades in science subjects are also important here. If you're wondering now: there are even more Countries where you can study medicine with a specialist school-leaving certificate.

Medical studies in Latvia: Easy recognition and transfer to Germany possible

After successfully completing your medical studies in Latvia, you will be awarded the title of Medical Doctor (MD). This title is recognised throughout the European Union. This means that you have the opportunity to work as a doctor in Germany or another EU country after completing your studies.

Since medical studies in Latvia are very similar to German studies, you could transfer to a German university after preclinical studies. In addition, numerous exchange programmes allow you to do clinical placements or semesters abroad at universities in Germany or other EU countries.

Exciting student city and culturally rich country

In your free time, you can discover a lot and enjoy your student life alongside your medical studies in Latvia. Beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea invite you to enjoy a beach holiday, and you can admire Latvia's green nature in the numerous national parks.

Life for medical students in the capital Riga is always exciting. The city offers a diverse cultural programme and an active nightlife with numerous nightlife options. On sunny days, you can enjoy the city's picturesque Baltic Sea beaches or relax in one of the many parks. Riga also has a large number of student organisations with cultural, social and sporting activities. A great way to make friends quickly.

Together for success - futuredoctor and studying medicine abroad

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Which universities can you study medicine at in Latvia?

Medical studies in Latvia are possible at six state universities, of which these two universities in Riga are particularly suitable for foreign medical students.

Riga Stradiņš University (Stradins University), Latvia

The study of medicine at the Riga Stradins University (RSU) starts in both the summer and winter semesters and lasts six years. The language of instruction is English. As the university offers over 600 places and a large proportion of these to international students, the chances of gaining a place are good.

The degree programmes offered in the field of medicine are human medicine and dentistry. Accordingly, these options are open to you to complete your medical studies abroad.

Teaching at Stradins University is of a high quality and largely takes place in small groups of around 14 students. RSU also has partnerships with over 150 other universities and colleges, which ensures an international exchange to gain further experience.

Background to the name of Stradins University

The university was named after the Stradiņš family, which has its roots in Viesīte. Members of the Stradiņš family have achieved professional recognition and success both in Latvia and internationally. Among the most outstanding personalities are Pauls Stradiņš, born in 1896, who made a name for himself as a surgeon, oncologist, medical historian and professor, and his son Jānis Stradiņš, born in 1933, a chemist, historian of science, professor and academic.

University of Latvia, Latvia

The University of Latvia is not only one of the oldest and largest higher education institutions in Latvia, it is also among the top 2.5% institutions of higher education in the world and achieved first place in the national ranking in 2021/22. Both human medicine and dentistry studies are available here in English. There are 60 new medical student places available for the winter semester each year.

What requirements do you need to study medicine in Latvia?

The basic requirement for studying medicine in Latvia is a high school diploma or a comparable qualification. This means that it is also possible to study with a vocational baccalaureate. The numerus clausus is not particularly important here, but the universities attach great importance to good grades in the natural sciences. Biology and chemistry are particularly important. However, an interest in maths and physics is also appreciated by professors.

As the lessons are held in English, sufficient language skills are required. You need at least a grade 2 in English and a language certificate at language level B2 or better.

The application process for studying medicine at Stradins University Riga and other faculties in Latvia, for example, is somewhat different. Unlike in most European countries, no entrance test is required here. This is particularly popular with German students.

Structure and content of medical studies in Latvia

Structure, content and Duration of medical studies in Latvia roughly correspond to the German framework conditions for this degree programme.

If you are able to obtain one of the coveted places to study medicine, the programme lasts 6 years. One academic year is divided into two semesters. The beginning of the programme is referred to as the pre-clinical phase, the first two years of the course. During this time, the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, physiology and anatomy are taught. The difference to the German degree programme is that teaching takes place mainly in small groups of students.

Then, from the third year onwards, the clinical part of your studies begins and you will gain knowledge from all fields of medicine, such as internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology or paediatrics. In addition, you now start with practical work and get to know the everyday medical work in your clinical clerkships. To ensure communication with patients, it is important that you have acquired a basic knowledge of Latvian by then.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Latvia?

The Costs for studying medicine abroad usually consist of tuition fees and living expenses.

University of Riga Stradins

Stradins University (RSU) charges its students 6,250 euros per semester to study human medicine and an average of 7,300 euros per semester to study dentistry.

Latvia University

At Latvia University, the cost of studying medicine is 4,875 euros per semester in the first year and increases to 6,000 euros per semester in the sixth year. For the study of dentistry, tuition fees amount to 7,500 euros per semester.

That may sound a lot, but there are numerous Scholarshipsthat can help you with funding. For further information, you can contact the respective universities - we will be happy to help you.

The cost of living in Latvia is significantly lower than in Germany. Frugal students can even get by here with just 600 euros a month, which already includes the rent.

3 exciting facts about Latvia

  • Small country - great people! The median height of the total population in Latvia is 175.6 centimetres, which puts Latvia in second place in the world behind the Netherlands.

  • Oldest Christmas tree in the world! For a long time, the oldest Christmas tree in the world stood in Riga. Currently, a monument to this tree can be seen there.

  • Europe's widest waterfall can be admired in Latvia. The Ventas Rumba has a proud length of 250 metres - however, the drop height of around two metres is much more modest than the total length would suggest.

How do I apply to study medicine in Latvia?

To apply for a place on a medical course at a university in Latvia, you will need, in addition to your university transcript, other documents such as a letter of motivation, proof of English language proficiency to at least B2 level, as well as a medical certificate and two letters of recommendation.

In your letter of motivation, you as an applicant explain why you have decided to study medicine in Latvia. It is crucial to explain why this university is the right choice for you and why you want to leave Germany. Take this letter very seriously as it plays a big role in the success of the application. If you have a friend who has already successfully completed this application process, you have an advantage because you can ask them for advice on how your letter of motivation should look. There are also commercial service providers who can help you with this.

The medical degree programme at RSU (Riga Stradins University) starts twice a year in the winter and summer semesters, while Latvia University only starts in the winter semester. Here it is very important that you have the respective Application deadlines take into account.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying medicine in Latvia

Medical studies in Latvia last a total of 6 years. Dental studies, on the other hand, last 5 years.

After completing your medical studies in Latvia, you will receive the internationally recognised title of Medical Doctor (MD) in human medicine.

All Universities where you can apply via futuredoctor are available within the Recognised throughout the EU. Accordingly, you can work as a doctor abroad in Germany, Austria or Switzerland after graduating.

With futuredoctor you can study medicine at two renowned universities in Latvia, namely the University of Latvia and the Riga Stradins University.

futuredoctor offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process - from application and preparation to relocation, start of studies and beyond. Here you will find an overview of our entire range.

The size of the learning groups can vary, but is generally between 10 and 20 students in order to ensure individual attention and high-quality education.

Latvian universities have tuition fees that have to be paid annually or per semester. The fees currently range between Ø 5,585€ / semester and 8,250€ / semester. You can find more information about the tuition fees on the respective university page here: Riga Stradins University and University of Latvia.

An overview of the costs involved in studying abroad (living costs, books, leisure, accommodation, etc.) as well as an overview of the tuition fees of all our universities. you can find here.

The cost of living in Latvia is generally lower than the European average. However, the exact costs can vary depending on individual lifestyles and where you live.

To apply to study medicine in Latvia, simply fill out our online application form. We will then inform you about all further steps of your application and start your application process at the universities of your choice. Click here for the application.

futuredoctor is here to help you. Our team is here to help you solve problems, whether they are academic or related to your life abroad. We offer support in overcoming challenges, from finding accommodation to professional issues and any other difficulties during your medical studies abroad.

Conclusion: Studying medicine in Latvia

Studying medicine in Latvia offers a high quality, internationally recognised education in a culturally rich and dynamic environment. With the support of futuredoctor, you can realise your dream of studying medicine in Latvia. We are here to support you on your journey and help you make the most of your education. Let's walk together on the path to your successful medical career in Latvia.

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