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If politics fails, then we do it ourselves!

Major breakthrough for futuredoctor, St. Marien Amberg Hospital and Charles University in Pilsen After more than six months of intensive planning, our project has finally become a reality. From now on...


Our founders are on the Forbes 30 under 30 list! 🌟

We are delighted that the co-founders of futuredoctor, Andreas Zehetner and Amandeep Grewal, are on this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 list!


Nursing internship before the Physikum

Anyone who wants to study human medicine in Germany must complete a nursing internship between leaving school and the Physikum or Physikum equivalence after the fourth semester.


Financing options for medical studies

Being accepted for a place at medical school is the first major milestone on the path to becoming a doctor.


TMS - Test for medical degree programmes

To make it easier for you to get started, we have compiled the most important facts and some helpful tips about the infamous TMS here!

Admission procedure

Medical studies abroad

Financing medical studies abroad

The often high tuition fees, cost of living and other financial aspects require well thought-out planning when studying medicine abroad. Students should therefore be well informed about the various options available.

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30 countries for your medical studies

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Czech Republic

Pilsen, Brno, Prague, Olomouc

Medical studies in the Czech Republic


Budapest, Pecs, Szeged

Medical studies in Hungary


Bratislava, Martin, Kashov

Medical studies in Slovakia


Poznan, Krakow, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Lodz, Lublin, Bialystok


Timisoara, Cluj

Medical studies in Romania


Leuven, Antwerp, Brussels

Studying medicine in Belgium


Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Grenoble

Studying medicine in France

Great Britain

Oxford, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester

Studying medicine in England

The Netherlands

Groningen, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Rotterdam

Studying medicine in the Netherlands


Basel, Fribourg, Berne, Geneva, Zurich, Neuchâtel, Lausanne

Studying medicine in Switzerland


Vienna, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Krems

Medical studies in Austria


Bologna, Turin, Rome, Milan, Bari, Naples, Padua, Pavia

Studying medicine in Italy


Ioannina, Patras, Volos, Komotini

Studying medicine in Greece


Lund, Uppsala, Örebro, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umea


Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara

Studying medicine in Turkey


Bergen, Oslo, Tromso

Medical studies Norway


Galway, Dublin, Cork, Limerick

Medical studies Ireland


Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Kuopio

Medical studies Finland


Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia

Medical studies Spain


Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Faro, Braga

Medical studies Portugal


Victoria, Msida, Gzira

Studying medicine in Malta


Copenhagen, Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus

Medical studies Denmark


Sarajevo, Mostar

Medical studies Bosnia-Herzegovina


Varna, Sofia, Pleven, Plovdiv

Medical studies in Bulgaria

Interesting facts about the job as a doctor

The income as a doctor

The medical profession offers several areas that appeal to those interested in medicine. For some it's saving lives and understanding the human body, for others it's the generous salary. However, very few people actually realise how much a...

How long does the training to become a junior doctor take?

This blog post was written by our medical student in Bratislava, Isabella Raber. The state examination has been passed and medical studies have finally been completed - this is what all medical students dream of. Dressed in a white coat, you walk nervously but happily through the long corridors of the...

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All about studying medicine

Study pharmacy without NC

Even if your A-levels are not particularly good, there are ways to bypass the numerus clausus (NC) and still study pharmacy. Alternative admission procedures, private universities or universities abroad make the dream of studying pharmacy come true for many prospective students.

Pharmacy NC

The Pharmacy degree programme is admission-restricted. The numerus clausus (NC) means that prospective pharmacists have a much better chance of gaining a place on the programme if they have a high score in their A-levels. The NC values for the pharmacy degree programme have been consistently high in recent years...

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