Why study medicine?

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

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Last updated: 4 June 2024

☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • The decision to study medicine is one of the most far-reaching decisions in an academic career.
  • Reasons for the motivation to become a doctor include the desire to help people, the diverse career opportunities and the good earning potential.
  • For many students, the medical profession has been one of their favourite professions from an early age.
  • A keen interest in science and the human body are important for mastering the degree programme.

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Why Study medicine? This question is asked by many prospective students who are considering whether working as a doctor is the right job for them. There are indeed many good reasons in favour of applying for one of the rare medical study places. However, there are also counter-arguments that you should be aware of.

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Reasons for studying medicine

When medical students all over the world are asked why they chose their degree programme, they often mention the desire to help people.

Another reason is the complex functioning of the human body, which interested students naturally want to learn more about.

After completing the state examination, there are also a wide range of opportunities for graduates to work as specialists according to their own interests and preferences. Whether you would rather work as a general practitioner in your own practice, dedicate yourself to other specialisms such as dermatology, surgery or psychiatry or go into research: you are not restricted in this respect after graduating from medical school and have a wide range of options available to you.

The medical degree programme is exciting and extremely varied

Studying medicine requires a lot of willingness to learn, a high level of resilience and self-discipline, but medical students are also rewarded with a lot of great benefits. For example, the curriculum in medicine is much more varied than in degree programmes such as law or business studies.

You study many different subjects, so you really do cover everything from general medicine to dermatology, forensic medicine, gynaecology and surgery. While the first four semesters are still relatively theoretical, the second part of the degree programme has the advantage of including many practical elements. For example, you can question real patients in medical history interviews during bedside teaching, giving you a very realistic understanding of the importance of your future profession.

The doctorate

When the question of the reasons for studying medicine arises, the answer given by some applicants is the doctorate. Compared to doctoral theses in other fields of study, the doctoral thesis in medicine is considered somewhat easier to manage. Although it still involves a considerable amount of work, the scope of many theses is small compared to other subjects, which makes it possible for many students to write their thesis during their studies.

If it is good and provides new insights, your work may even be published as an article in a renowned specialist journal. As a qualified doctor, you can then use the title "Dr med." in front of your name after completing your state examination.

Doctors earn comparatively well

Another reason why studying medicine can be a good decision is the financial prospects. Doctors can look forward to an average starting salary of around 4,500 euros after graduation, which is significantly more than many other degree programmes. This article from us shows what doctors earn on average.

Specialists in the social sector in particular normally earn significantly less in Germany despite having completed their studies. Studying medicine is therefore a good opportunity to combine responsibility and dealing with people with a good salary.

Financial security through the medical profession: After graduating, you can expect a starting salary of around EUR 4,500 (on average).

Reasons against studying medicine

Despite the many attractive advantages, studying medicine is not the right choice for everyone. As there are significantly more applicants than places at universities, medicine is a degree programme with a high number of applicants. Numerus Clausus (NC).

If you do not have an extremely good Abitur, you should take a study aptitude test in advance and pass it with the highest possible score to improve your chances despite the NC.

Some students who have not been offered a place in Germany decide to study elsewhere in the world. This is certainly a way to fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor. However, you should be sure that the degree programme is really suitable for you and that you really want to go down this path.

When the medical profession runs in the family

If one or even both parents are doctors, this can be very formative. It is therefore not surprising that young adults often decide to study medicine after leaving school.

Even if your father wants to retire in the medium term and you can take over his practice, this should never be the only reason for choosing to study medicine. Ask yourself honestly why studying medicine is the right decision for you personally and what you personally want - regardless of your parents.

If you are sure that studying medicine is the right path for you, it is of course extremely helpful if your parents are experts in the field. This can make both your studies and the start of your career as a doctor much easier.

Student life must not be neglected

Although studying medicine is considered demanding and time-consuming, life and, of course, partying play a not insignificant role for many prospective doctors alongside their work. At some universities, the medical parties are legendary and offer a good balance to all the studying. 

In view of a rather strenuous course of study, it is important for future doctors to remind themselves from time to time that breaks are also important and play their part in ensuring that you remain productive in the long term.

Attractive opportunities for sport are available at the universities

As a prospective doctor, you should also take care of your body and its well-being. There are usually sports centres at the universities where you can take part in sports courses at low cost or register in the fitness area, all of which will help you to stay healthy.

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