Everything you need to know about studying medicine.

Admission procedure for medical studies

Numerus Clausus

The Numerus Clausus (NC) refers to the Abitur grade of the applicant who was awarded the last available place on a degree programme in a selection procedure. Translated from Latin, the term means "closed number", which...

Everything you need to know about the HamNat!

Studying medicine with the HamNatThe HAM is a written aptitude test for studying medicine that is used in Hamburg and Greifswald, among other places, as part of the "university selection procedure".The test consists of multiple-choice questions,...

Aptitude tests for medical studies

Without an Abitur of 1.0, a place to study medicine at a state university in Germany is difficult to achieve at first glance and the path to getting there is often time-consuming. Besides...

The TMS: structure and preparation

This blog post was written by our medical student in Bratislava, Isabella Raber. The Abitur is done, but the grade point average is not good enough to be admitted directly to a medical university in Germany.