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Medical studies in Budapest

At Semmelweis University, over 250 years of tradition are combined with modern, multilingual teaching. The degree programmes in human medicine and dentistry can be taught in Hungarian as well as in English. German and English completed at the same time. Of the 9,200 students currently enrolled, around 1,600 come from abroad, which underlines the international orientation of the education. Due to the German-language degree programme, there is a large German-speaking community of medical students in Budapest.

The attractiveness of the Semmelweis University of Budapest is also reflected in the international field of students, through which contacts are made all over the world. More than 4,000 doctors trained in Budapest are now practising their profession in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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A study place in Budapest (further information)

Semmelweis University Budapest in Hungary (Faculty of Medicine)

At Semmelweis University, it is possible to study medicine in both English and German. Founded in 1769, the Medical University of Budapest today bears the name of the famous physician Ignaz Semmelweis. Of the current 9,220 students, 1,600 come from abroad, which emphasises the international orientation of the course. A place to study medicine in the Hungarian capital is therefore very popular internationally.

Semmelweis University combines over 250 years of tradition with modern, multilingual teaching. The Human Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes can be completed in English as well as other languages. Due to the EU-compliant orientation of the curriculum, it is possible to transfer to a study place in Germany or Austria. However, most students complete their studies in Budapest. This is because not only the university, but also the city itself offers numerous amenities for students.

The attractiveness of the Semmelweis University of Budapest is also reflected in the international student body, through which contacts are made all over the world. More than 4,000 doctors trained in Budapest are now practising their profession in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • The study of human medicine at the Semmelweis University lasts six years and follows the curriculum laid down in Hungary valid curriculum, dentistry can be completed in five years.
  • Possible languages of study include English and German.
  • The degree programme and the professional doctorate obtained are fully recognised in Germany, Austria and all other EU countries.
  • According to the EU Directive 2005/36/EC, nothing stands in the way of starting specialist training after graduation.
  • The university maintains cooperations with German institutions, such as the "Asklepios Campus Hamburg".

Medical studies in Hungary with tradition

Semmelweis University (Budapest) as a medical faculty stands for over 250 years of experience in imparting medical knowledge. Multilingual professors teach according to the latest state of research, and medical studies are offered in all degree programmes (human medicine and dentistry) in German or English, among other languages. Due to the alignment of the curriculum of the individual degree programmes with EU guidelines, it is possible to transfer to Austria or Germany. So if you would like to continue your medical studies in Hungary in your home country for various reasons, this is possible without any problems.

Students at Semmelweis University benefit not only from the international orientation of the educational institution and its location. The Hungarian capital Budapest offers students a wide range of cultural and gastronomic opportunities.

Admission procedure

To be in the English degree programme To get a place at Semmelweis University, you need to have a science degree. Admission test (Biology, Chemistry, General English and Biomedical English) and submit a letter of motivation by the deadline. In addition, a personal interview will take place via Zoom. In the course of the application process, we support you with round-the-clock tutoring and provide you with an e-learning platform specially developed by futuredoctor with over 90 learning videos and test simulations. Of course, we will also prepare you for the interview. With our support, you can take part in the admission procedure with confidence and drive and subsequently start your dream studies!

For the German-language degree programmes in human medicine and dentistry, there is a individual admission procedure. futuredoctor takes care of the entire admission process for you, so you don't have to worry about it yourself.

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With the help of our e-learning platform and our learning app, you have the opportunity to prepare for the entrance examination at Semmelweis University in Budapest and for your studies flexibly and from anywhere.

The platform contains over 90 learning videos as well as multiple and single-choice questions in biology and chemistry. This allows you to prepare for the entrance test in Budapest in a goal-orientated way! You can also carry out test simulations. So nothing stands in the way of your dream of studying medicine in Hungary.

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The city of Budapest at a glance

Budapest has something for everyone - from dramatic history and extravagant architecture to high quality standards and a diverse, highly accredited education that is second to none in Eastern and Central Europe.

Things to know about Budapest

The city of Budapest

Around 1.7 million people live in the metropolis on the Danube. It is one of the nine largest cities in the European Union and is also considered one of the top 20 tourist destinations. What makes Budapest special is the combination of big-city feeling with historical flair: a walk along the Danube or through the old town offers relaxation and recreation. And those looking for nightlife will not miss out in Budapest either: restaurants, bars and pubs offer the well-known Hungarian cuisine as well as international culinary delights.

What also distinguishes Budapest is its well-developed transport network. This not only runs through the city, but also connects the surrounding countryside with the centre. In this way, the numerous leisure activities in the surrounding area can be reached quickly and easily.

There is also a wide range of cultural attractions: sights such as the State Opera House, the Parliament, the Castle Palace and many more invite you to get to know the history of the city. Numerous museums and galleries present historical as well as contemporary works and thus ensure a varied student life.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying medicine in Hungary

Medical studies in Budapest last 6 years in human medicine and 5 years in dentistry and are divided into 12 and 10 semesters respectively.

Yes, the medical school from Budapest is in the Recognised throughout the EU. Accordingly, you can work as a doctor in Germany, Austria or Switzerland after graduating in Budapest.

Semmelweis University in Budapest is one of the most renowned medical schools in Central and Eastern Europe. Medical studies there are highly rated for several reasons:

  1. Tradition and historyFounded in 1769, Semmelweis University has over 250 years of experience in medical education. Its name comes from Ignaz Semmelweis, the "father of hand hygiene", who was one of the pioneers in discovering the causes of childbed fever.

  2. International recognition: The degrees of Semmelweis University are recognised in many countries of the EU and beyond. This speaks for the high quality of education students receive there.

  3. English language programmes: The university has developed programmes specifically for international students and offers medical courses in English, making it accessible to students from different parts of the world.

  4. Modern curriculum and facilities: The university has modern laboratories, libraries and clinical facilities. The curriculum is constantly updated to meet the changing demands of the medical field.

  5. Location: Budapest is not only a historically and culturally rich city, but also offers a relatively cheap standard of living compared to many Western European cities. This makes it an attractive place for students to live and study.

  6. International community: With many international students studying at Semmelweis University, it offers a diverse and multicultural environment that gives students the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from all over the world.

  7. Research opportunities: The university is also a centre for medical research and offers students many opportunities to get involved in scientific projects.

In summary, studying medicine at Semmelweis University in Budapest is considered first class due to its long tradition, reputation and modern facilities.

You can study at the Semmelweis University in Budapest at German and on English Study medicine.

futuredoctor offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process - from application and preparation to relocation, start of studies and beyond. Here you will find an overview of our entire range.

The exact size of the learning groups may vary depending on the course. In general, a high value is placed on small learning groups to allow for individual attention and an interactive learning environment.

Here is an overview of the tuition fees at Semmelweis University in Budapest:

Human Medicine German: 8,700€ / semester
Dentistry German: 8,700€ / semester
Human Medicine English: 9.100$ / semester
Dentistry English: Ø 10.180$ / Semester

An overview of the costs involved in studying abroad (living costs, books, leisure, accommodation, etc.) as well as an overview of the tuition fees of all our universities. you can find here.

The cost of living in Hungary is moderate compared to many other European countries. As a guideline for the cost of living, about €300 to €340 excluding rent can be assumed.

A one-room flat in a good location costs about 400 to 500 €. A room in a shared flat starts at around €350 to €450. However, flats in good locations are coveted by students, so it is advisable to look for them relatively early.

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