University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus

Study medicine at one of the most modern universities in the world.

At a glance

Application deadline

September 2024

Admission procedure



Ø 10.000€ / Semester

Study places

approx. 120


6 years

4 years at the University of Nicosia, 2 years in Zurich or other clinical location.



Medical studies in Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is one of the most renowned and modern universities in Europe. The university occupies top positions in numerous international rankings. Medical students are offered the opportunity to spend the fifth and sixth year at the university. Partner hospital in Switzerland to complete the programme. For this, only examinations, which take place once a semester, have to be taken in Cyprus.

In addition to the ultra-modern university buildings, which have their own simulation training facilities, libraries and medical centres, the university offers luxury halls of residence. These are located close to the faculty and include a cafeteria, restaurants, an in-house gym, private parking spaces, quiet study rooms, game areas, 24-hour security/reception and a rooftop infinity pool. This makes the University of Nicosia an interesting place to study for your Medical studies abroad.

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More information

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

In 2011, St. George's University of London, the only specialised medical and healthcare university in the UK, and the University of Nicosia (UNIC), the largest university in Cyprus, merged. The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is committed to practice-oriented education under the best possible conditions. These efforts are recognised worldwide: It occupies top positions in numerous international rankings. It was the first university in Europe to receive triple recognition (5 QS Stars, EADTU, EFQUEL) for excellence in online education, as the latest technologies and cutting-edge learning design theories are used to deliver the courses.

Around 850 students from more than 64 countries - including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - take advantage of the university's offer. 99.4 per cent of graduates work in over 200 medical centres worldwide.

To prepare the future graduates for working with patients, the university offers an exceptional programme. This not only includes technical content, but also helps them to increase skills and confidence. There is also the opportunity to have an open discussion about the case of the week in a problem-based learning environment. In the fourth year, in preparation for clinical placements in hospitals, a formal White Coat Ceremony is held at the Open Amphitheatre of the University of Nicosia.

With more than 12,000 students from over 70 countries, the University of Nicosia is the largest higher education institution in Southern Europe. The learning space is innovative, transformative and studies are mainly conducted in English. Globally, the university is present in 18 cities. The aim is to strive for excellence and continuous development, to instil confidence in students and to prepare them for international work.

Highlights on studying medicine at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus

  • Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD) 
  • The degree is recognised in all member states of the EU and EEA
  • Over 90 nationalities study at UNIC
  • Student success team: Personal tutor, career advisor to facilitate your journey from student to doctor
  • World Class Student Accommodation
  • Clinical internship options in Zurich and other global locations
  • Modern multi-modal teaching methods in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Abitur, IB, Swiss Matura, Austrian Matura (A and B) are accepted
  • Early clinical training from the 2nd year

Admission criteria

The University of Nicosia has an individualised admission procedure. For more information on the admission criteria, we recommend that you personally contact Contact with futuredoctor.

futuredoctor supports you in the smooth running of the entire application process. All you have to do is send us your application documents - we'll take care of the rest. Of course, we will also prepare you for the personal interview.

To make it easier for you to start your studies, you have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge in chemistry and biology through our e-learning platform. So nothing stands in the way of a successful start to your medical studies!

Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich, Switzerland

Internships in Switzerland

Students from the University of Nicosia have the opportunity to participate in an innovative teaching programme at the Hirslanden Zurich Clinic and complete the last 2 years of their medical studies there. Benefit from the entire Hirslanden network and practice with the latest instruments and surgical techniques in a modern hospital ranked 5th best hospital in Switzerland (World's Best Hospitals 2022 - Switzerland).

The Hirslanden Group operates 17 clinics in Switzerland and is part of Mediclinic International PLC with subsidiaries in South Africa, Namibia and the United Arab Emirates. The sought-after practical training at Hirslanden ensures a future with attractive career prospects in Switzerland and/or worldwide. From general procedures to highly specialised cases, patients from all over the world are treated by the specialists at Hirslanden Clinic.

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E-Learning & App

With the help of our e-learning platform and our learning app, you can prepare for your studies at the University of Nicosia flexibly and from anywhere.

The platform contains over 90 learning videos, and you also have the opportunity to participate in live preparation courses. This gives you the best possible start to your medical studies.

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The city of Nicosia at a glance

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus scores with a rich history as well as diverse educational and recreational opportunities. Nicosia itself consists of two parts, a total of 276,400 people live in the city. The university is located in the part of the Republic of Cyprus and thus within the European Union; the capital of the Republic has a population of around 221,000.

Things to know about Nicosia

The city of Nicosia

Cyprus has been one of the most interesting areas in the region since the dawn of history. Visitors marvel at the powerful heritage left behind by the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, and later by the Crusaders, Byzantines, Franks and Ottomans. These cultural treasures are surrounded by golden beaches, green forests and high mountains, some of which are ideal for skiing in winter. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus is considered the sunniest country abroad.

The island's diversity is also reflected in the capital: Nicosia has something for every taste and budget. Surrounded by walls, the city centre features monuments in close proximity to nightclubs, bargain shops in the city centre and brand new suburban shopping centres. In this way, multicultural flair is combined with modern infrastructure and an impressive history - the best prerequisites for studying medicine in Nicosia.


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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying medicine in Cyprus

The University of Nicosia is one of the most renowned and modern universities in Europe. With its international orientation, state-of-the-art facilities and strong partnerships, such as the cooperation with St George's University of London, UNIC offers an outstanding medical education. Students benefit from practical learning methods, early clinical training from the second year and the opportunity to complete the fifth and sixth years in Switzerland. UNIC regularly achieves top positions in international rankings and is a first-class choice for studying medicine abroad.

The University of Nicosia offers a 6-year degree programme in Human Medicine, leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD). This degree is fully recognised in all EU and EEA member states. There are also co-operations for clinical internships in Switzerland and other global locations. The programme is taught entirely in English, which gives graduates

to continue their medical careers worldwide.

The medical degree programme at the University of Nicosia lasts six years and is divided into three phases:

  • The first two years focus on the fundamentals of medical sciences.
  • Clinical training begins in the third year, during which students come into direct contact with patients and gain practical experience in hospitals and clinics.
  • In the fifth and sixth year, students can continue their studies in partner clinics, such as the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich. This combination of theory and practice optimally prepares students for their medical career.

The admission procedure at the University of Nicosia comprises several steps. Firstly, applicants must

submit a detailed application that includes academic credentials and a letter of motivation. A personal interview is also part of the process. futuredoctor supports you in preparing for the interview and the entire application process. We will help you to submit all the necessary documents on time and prepare you for the specific requirements of the university.

No, the University of Nicosia does not require a numerus clausus (NC). Your previous grade point average does not play a decisive role in admission. The university also offers the opportunity to study medicine with a vocational baccalaureate. This flexible admission policy makes UNIC particularly attractive for international students.

futuredoctor offers comprehensive support in preparing for the admission procedure and the entire application process. We help you to write a convincing letter of motivation, prepare for the interview and provide you with access to an e-learning platform to refresh your knowledge of chemistry and biology. Our aim is to optimally prepare you for your application and make it easier for you to start your degree programme.

The tuition fees for studying medicine at the University of Nicosia amount to €10,000 per semester for human medicine. The cost of living in Nicosia is moderate compared to many other European capitals. Monthly living costs without rent are around €250 to €350. The rent for a one-bedroom flat in a good location is around €400 to €500, while rooms in shared flats are available from €300 to €350. The university's luxurious student accommodation also offers extensive amenities such as gyms, cafeterias and an infinity pool.

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, offers a vibrant and culturally rich environment for students. With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a mix of historical sites, modern shopping centres and lively nightlife, Nicosia is an ideal place to live and study. The city offers numerous leisure opportunities, from cultural events to outdoor activities and beautiful beaches. The vibrant student life is enriched by the diversity of nationalities and active participation in extracurricular activities.

The degree from the University of Nicosia is recognised in all EU member states and many other countries worldwide. Graduate

can continue their specialist training in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. The strong practical orientation and the opportunity to practise in Switzerland offer students excellent career prospects and prepare them for an international career in medicine. The university has a high success rate in employing its graduates, who work in over 200 medical centres worldwide.

To apply to study medicine at the University of Nicosia, use the futuredoctor application portal. We offer free advice on the application process, degree programmes and tuition fees. We organise the entire application process and support you every step of the way until you start your studies. We help you to submit all the necessary documents on time and prepare you for the entrance exams and interviews.


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