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Few people know that it is possible to study medicine in Cyprus - and that it is even NC-free. But many have heard about the Mediterranean island's kilometre-long beaches, historic villages and excellent cuisine. You can read about what the universities in Cyprus have to offer medical students here.

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Universities where you can study medicine in Cyprus:

University of Nicosia - Medical Studies in Cyprus in Nicosia


All about the University of Nicosia experienced.

In this article, we give you a detailed insight into studying medicine in Cyprus. We cover everything from the University of Nicosia to the unique aspects of living and studying in this beautiful country. You will also find out how we at futuredoctor can support you on your exciting journey to medical school. Join us on a journey through medical school in Cyprus and discover the countless opportunities that await you there!

The 5 advantages of studying medicine in Cyprus

If you are thinking about studying abroad, there is a wide range of European countries to choose from. So why should you choose to study medicine in Cyprus? Here are 5 important arguments that can help you make your decision.

NC-free study in English

Medical studies at the universities in Cyprus are NC-free. However, your grade point average should not be lower than 2.5. You can increase your chances of admission by completing internships or civilian or voluntary service.

The official languages in Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, but studies are conducted in English. Due to the high number of international students, communication on campus is also mostly in English, so you can quickly get used to the new language. Studying in English has the advantage that at the end of your studies you will not only have excellent medical knowledge, but you will also be able to communicate fluently in a world language.

State-of-the-art universities with excellent teaching

The universities in Cyprus are very well equipped for medical studies. The beautiful university buildings and libraries create a very good learning environment, and some of the universities even have their own state-of-the-art student residences with a gym and study rooms. The curriculum is very student-oriented. Great value is placed on practice, which is why there are internships from the first year of teaching.

Campus life is very international due to students from all over the world. Thanks to numerous social programmes, you can quickly make friends here.

Easy recognition in Germany

Your medical degree in Cyprus is also recognised in Germany. You can continue your medical career there or in other EU countries after completing your studies.

But recognition in the EU is not the only option. If you are interested in practising medicine in the US, you should check out Nicosia University. There you can take the first part of the American USMLE exam. This will take you one step closer to having your studies recognised in the USA.

Study where others go on holiday

There are few places where you will find a more beautiful environment for studying medicine. Beautiful sandy or pebble beaches and numerous hidden bays extend along a coastline of around 600 kilometres, inviting you to go for a swim. Those who like to be a little more active can admire the beautiful nature in one of the numerous national parks or on a coastal hiking trail.
Even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 20°C, so outdoor activities are possible all year round.

Student life in a colourful capital

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, where the universities presented here are located, is one of the oldest cities in the world. With its rich history and culture, you can discover a lot here. The beautiful architecture is influenced by different cultures. It can be admired especially in the old town of Nicosia, also known as Laiki Geitonia. Besides the cultural aspects, the city also has a very lively and modern side. From a thriving café culture, to a fascinating art scene and museums, to an exciting nightlife with a wide range of bars and clubs, there is always something to do if you need a change from your medical studies.

Together for success - futuredoctor and studying medicine abroad

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Besides the Student advisory service In addition to selecting the university and accompanying you to the desired on-site appointments, futuredoctor also offers support during the application process and preparation for possible aptitude tests, as well as orientation at the place of study - including the search for accommodation! Get your application quickly and easily free info pack!

The medical universities in Cyprus

The universities in Cyprus are distinguished by their excellent teaching and are among the most modern universities in Europe. Here you can find out which universities have medical faculties and what special features they have.

University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia is one of the leading universities in Cyprus. It is particularly known for its innovative, student-centred education and also performs very well in worldwide rankings. 120 students can start the English-language medical degree programme every year in the winter semester. In addition to human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine are also offered. The university buildings and libraries are state-of-the-art. The medical faculty also has luxurious halls of residence with their own gym and quiet study rooms.

European University Cyprus

The competency-based medical school curriculum at the European University of Cyprus is designed to teach students best practices in patient care through innovative learning strategies and simulations. Exclusive agreements with the largest public and private hospitals in Cyprus enable students to undertake their clinical rotations there. In addition, the European University of Cyprus has collaborations with over 10 countries, which include the UK and the USA. This gives you the opportunity to do summer internships there in different specialties and learn about the healthcare system and culture of other interesting countries.

Near East University

The University of the Middle East is a private university in the north of Cyprus. As the university was only founded in 2008, the facilities as well as the curriculum are new and modern. The teaching staff is highly qualified and very motivated. Besides human medicine, it is also possible to study pharmacy or dentistry, all in English.

Requirements for studying medicine in Cyprus

Although medical studies in Cyprus are NC-free, your A-levels should not be lower than 2.5 in order to have a realistic chance in the application process. Proof of completed internships and civilian service will also help you in the application process.

In addition to the proof of university entrance qualification, there are other documents you need to submit, such as a language certificate of your English skills, a letter of application and a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

The selection procedure includes a written entrance test with a focus on natural sciences. At the University of Nicosia, there is also a personal interview with the selection committee. This can be done online or on-site in Cyprus. We prepare you for all these hurdles in the best possible way!

Good news for all those who don't have an Abitur: There are also opportunities in other European countries to obtain a Medical studies with a specialist baccalaureate to make!

Structure of medical studies in Cyprus

The length of medical studies in Cyprus corresponds to the length of studies in Germany. The Duration of studies is thus 6 years. The academic years are also divided into semesters, as in Germany. Credit points indicate the progress of studies. In contrast to the classical medical studies in Germany, the medical faculties of the universities in Cyprus place a high value on practical training, so that students carry out exercises on training manikins from the very first semester. The principle of "problem-based learning" is applied. Gaining practical experience is more important to the universities than memorising medical facts.

Although it is not so easy to move to Germany during your studies abroad, there are possibilities to spend parts of your studies in your home country. For example, by doing a clinical traineeship through the DAAD or a semester abroad in the Erasmus programme.

Cost of studying medicine in Cyprus

The CostsThe costs of studying medicine in Cyprus are made up of tuition fees and living costs. The tuition fees at universities in Cyprus are quite high in comparison to other European countries. On average, they are around 9,500 euros per semester. The tuition fees at the University of Nicosia, for example, amount to 18,000 euros for the first three years, then 22,000 euros per year.

In addition to tuition fees, you should always factor in the cost of living. And here's the good news - these are significantly lower in Cyprus than in Germany. You can get by with about 750 euros a month, including rent.

In order to receive support with financing, you should inform yourself in good time about possible Scholarships inform.

What you didn't know about Cyprus:

  • Cyprus was founded after the Cypresses named. These are evergreen shrub plants that are very numerous in Cyprus.
  • Although Cyprus is part of the EU, the third-largest Mediterranean island is also located on the Anatolian plate and geographically belongs to Asia counted.
  • As only capital in the world is Nicosia in two countries divided. A "Green Line" divides the city into two halves: The Republic of Cyprus (Southern Cyprus) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This line, established in 1974, is a United Nations buffer zone and is guarded by peacekeepers.
  • More than 45 beaches in Cyprus have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety.
  • With up to 340 sunny days a year, Cyprus is one of the sunniest countries in the world

What do you need to consider when applying to study medicine in Cyprus?

The application procedure for universities in Cyprus includes scientific entrance tests and personal interviews with a selection committee. In addition, you will have to submit numerous other documents such as a letter of recommendation or proof of English language proficiency. As the university places are very popular, you should start the application and application process as early as possible. Application deadlines to deal with. The Futuredoctor team will be happy to support you in this.

Are you ready to realise your dream of studying medicine in Cyprus? Contact us today and start your journey with futuredoctor. We look forward to guiding you on your journey and working with you to realise your dream of a career in medicine.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying medicine in Cyprus

Medical studies in Cyprus usually take six years, similar to many other European countries.

Upon completion of your medical studies in Cyprus, you will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD).

All Universitieswhere you can apply via futuredoctor, are located within the Recognised throughout the EU. Accordingly, you can work as a doctor in Germany, Austria or Switzerland after graduating in Cyprus.

With futuredoctor, you can study at the renowned University of Nicosia Study medicine.

futuredoctor offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process - from application and preparation to relocation, start of studies and beyond. Here you will find an overview of our entire range.

The size of the learning groups can vary, but they are often smaller than in many other countries. This allows for more intensive supervision and individual support for students.

There are tuition fees at Croatian universities, which have to be paid annually or per semester. The fees are currently Ø 10,000€ / semester at the University of Nicosia. You can find more information about the tuition fees on the respective university page here: University of Nicosia.

An overview of the costs involved in studying abroad (living costs, books, leisure, accommodation, etc.) as well as an overview of the tuition fees of all our universities. you can find here.

The cost of living in Cyprus can vary depending on lifestyle and location, but is generally in the middle range compared to other European countries.

To apply to study medicine in Cyprus, simply complete our online application form. We will then inform you about all further steps of your application and start your application process at the universities of your choice. Click here for the application.

futuredoctor is here to help you. Our team is here to help you solve problems, whether they are academic or related to your life abroad. We offer support in overcoming challenges, from finding accommodation to professional issues and any other difficulties during your medical studies abroad.


Cyprus offers medical students a unique combination of quality education and a vibrant international campus life. The universities are modern, the teaching methods innovative and the surroundings simply stunning. Despite the relatively high tuition fees, the cost of living is comparatively low and with the right support, the application process can be smooth. The recognition of the degree in other EU countries and even in the USA further increases the attractiveness of the place of study. For those thinking about studying abroad, Cyprus could be the ideal choice. It combines first-class educational opportunities with the beauty and culture of one of Europe's oldest civilisations.

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