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Victor Babes University Timișoara, Romania - Medical studies abroad

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24 July 2024

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Medical studies in Timisoara

The Medical University in Timișoara, founded in 1945 by a decree of the then King Mihail I, has a long and distinguished history. It was named after the outstanding Romanian pathologist Victor Babes and has since developed into a leading institution for medical education.

The university is characterised by its professional teaching and a highly qualified multilingual team of professors who create a diverse and internationally oriented learning environment. The degree programmes in human medicine and dentistry are offered full-time and each has a duration of six years. A notable aspect is that teaching is exclusively in English, which is an attractive option for international students seeking a quality medical education.

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Victor Babes University in Timisoara

Since its foundation, the university has trained more than 25,000 doctors, including a significant number of students from other countries. This underlines the university's international outlook and its ability to attract a diverse community of students. There is a particular focus on linking clinical practice with sound research, which provides students with a comprehensive and innovative education. The education in human medicine and dentistry at Victor Babes University is of a high academic standard and is placed on par with degree programmes in other European countries such as Germany and Austria. Students can therefore be assured that they will receive a first-class medical education that will open up career opportunities worldwide.

  • The degree programme is fully recognised in Germany, Austria and all other EU countries.
  • There is close cooperation between professors and students.
  • Practical learning to put into practice what has been learned in theory.
  • According to the EU Directive 2005/36/EC, nothing stands in the way of starting specialist training after graduation.

Entrance test at Victor Babes University

The first step towards your dream studies at the University of Timisoara is the submission of the necessary documents. In order to relieve you of these time-consuming organisational hurdles, we take care of your application process and the timely submission of bureaucratic documents. Once these are complete, you will be invited to take the entrance test, which will be written on site. In this respect, you have the chance to work through the exam question pool of 500 biology questions with our e-learning platform and to prepare yourself for the exam in the best possible way. If you have any questions about the test questions, our personal tutoring lecturer is available to you around the clock. After successfully passing the entrance exam and paying the tuition fees, nothing more stands in the way of your medical career.

Study medicine without NC

Unlike in Germany, the Victor Babes University enables students to study medicine without NC. Your previous grade point average is therefore not relevant.

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E-Learning & App

With the help of our e-learning platform and our learning app, you have the opportunity to prepare for the entrance exam at Victor Babes University in Timisoara and for your studies flexibly and from anywhere.

The platform contains over 90 learning videos as well as multiple and single-choice questions in biology, chemistry and physics. This way, you can not only prepare yourself for the admission procedure, but also for your studies in Timisoara! In addition, you can carry out true-to-life test simulations.

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The city of Timisoara at a glance

The Romanian city of Timisoara has a population of 319,000, placing it just behind Cluj-Napoca in size. Located in the west of Romania, the third-largest city in the country is known above all for its historic old quarters. Due to its long affiliation with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Timisoara is also called "Little Vienna".

Things to know about Timisoara

The city of Timisoara

Not only the National Theatre and Opera House, but also the former synagogue in the city centre regularly host cultural events. Victory Square or Opera Square forms the centre of the city - with many shops and cafés as well as parks and green spaces in the immediate vicinity. Cultural life is enriched by numerous concerts and festivals of all styles, from jazz and pop to folklore and hip-hop. Due to the wide range of offers, Timisoara will be the European Capital of Culture in 2023.

The city is well served by public transport - trams and buses. It is located at a railway junction and is also served by the main pan-European long-distance bus lines.

For students, Timisoara offers a vibrant nightlife in addition to the numerous festivals in the cafés, restaurants, bars, jazz clubs and discos.

You would like to live in another city in Romania Study medicine? Then find out about other cities: Medical studies Cluj.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying medicine in Romania

The Victor Babes University in Timișoara is a renowned institution with a long tradition in medical education. It offers a modern teaching environment and high-quality academic programmes in human medicine and dentistry, which are taught entirely in English. Its international orientation and practice-orientated education attract students from all over the world.

The university offers degree programmes in human medicine and dentistry, each lasting six years. Both programmes are offered entirely in English, which appeals to international students and provides them with a first-class medical education.

The medical degree programme at Victor Babes University is strongly practice-oriented. Students are involved in practical clinical activities from the very first year. The university attaches great importance to combining clinical practice and research, which enables students to apply theoretical knowledge directly in real-life medical scenarios.

The application process involves submitting the required documents and passing an entrance test. The test consists of multiple-choice questions in biology. The university offers comprehensive support in preparing for the test, including an e-learning platform and personalised tutoring. The exam takes place on site in Timișoara. You can start your application at futuredoctor application portal.

Yes, Victor Babes University offers a medical degree programme without the need for a numerus clausus. This means that applicants' previous grade point average is not decisive for admission, which makes the programme more accessible to many interested students.

Timișoara, also known as "Little Vienna", offers a vibrant mix of historical architecture and modern urban life. The city is an important cultural and economic centre in Romania with numerous parks, cultural events and a rich history. Timișoara is known for its high quality of life, offering a vibrant nightlife and many leisure activities. The city was the European Capital of Culture in 2023, which emphasises its cultural diversity and dynamism. Timișoara is also well connected and offers easy travel options within Europe.

The cost of living in Timișoara is low compared to many Western European cities. Apart from rent, monthly costs are around 200 to 300 euros. The rent for a one-bedroom flat in a good location is around 200 to 300 euros, while a room in a shared flat costs between 200 and 250 euros. Due to the high demand, it is advisable to look for accommodation early.

Timișoara is a vibrant city with a rich cultural life. The city is known for its historic buildings, its numerous parks and its lively cultural scene. Opera Square and the National Theatre are central venues for cultural events. Timișoara offers a variety of concerts, festivals and events that take place throughout the year and make the city an attractive place to study.

Social and academic life at Victor Babes University is diverse and inclusive. The university fosters a close-knit community among students through numerous clubs, organisations and events. There are a variety of opportunities to participate in social activities that facilitate interaction between international and local students. Academically, students benefit from a supportive learning environment where close collaboration between students and professors is encouraged. Regular workshops, seminars and conferences provide additional learning opportunities and promote academic exchange.

The university combines clinical practice with in-depth research and offers a multicultural learning environment. It has modern teaching resources and simulation laboratories that help students develop their practical skills in a realistic environment. Timișoara also offers a vibrant student life with numerous leisure opportunities and a high quality of life.


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