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Kaunas, Lithuania

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University of Health Sciences Kaunas, Lithuania - Medical studies abroad

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5 July 2024

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Medical studies in Kaunas

Kaunas Medical University, founded in 2010 through the merger of two renowned predecessor institutions, is an outstanding example of the successful combination of education and research. As the largest university for medical education in the region, it offers its students a comprehensive academic experience.

Special emphasis is placed on linking theory and practice. The LSMU Kaunas University Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Lithuania, provides an ideal learning environment. With over 2,200 female doctors and the care of more than 90,000 patients, it offers students the unique opportunity to apply and consolidate their theoretical knowledge directly in practice. This practice-orientated teaching enables future doctors to develop a profound understanding of medical contexts and thus lays the foundation for a successful career. This is a particular advantage when Study human medicine or Study dentistry would like to.

Application to study medicine abroad

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University of Health Sciences in Kaunas

The medical university in Kaunas attracts students from numerous countries who take advantage of the opportunity for practical medical training at this renowned institution. Thanks to the university's international networking through cooperation with around 140 other universities, students also have a wide range of opportunities for research projects. This interdisciplinary cooperation promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas on a global level and contributes to the further development of medical science.

With its holistic approach to medical education, the close connection between theory and practice, and its international orientation, the University of Health Sciences is an outstanding place for future physicians seeking excellent academic opportunities and a diverse research environment.

  • The degree programme is fully recognised in Germany, Austria and all other EU countries.
  • There is close cooperation between professors and students.
  • Medical studies are designed to be practical, so that what is learned in theory can be put into practice.
  • In accordance with EU Directive 2005/36/EC, specialist training can then be commenced.

Admission test at the University of Health Sciences

In order to be able to start your dream study programme in Kaunas, you still have to overcome a few hurdles. You can apply to the University of Health Sciences by submitting the necessary documents online. These will be checked by the university for accuracy and completeness. In order to ensure a smooth process in this regard, we will take care of your application and take care of all bureaucratic and complicated administrative procedures!

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to fully focus on the interview, in which your motivation and English skills will be determined. If these are not sufficient, we will support you in taking an English test to increase your chances.

Subsequently, there is an entrance examination, which takes the form of a written multiple-choice test. The content of the entrance test does not exceed the content of a complete secondary school education in the subjects biology (30 questions) and chemistry (30 questions).

If it's been a while since you went to school, or if you didn't take one of the two subjects in the upper school, don't worry. In our video courses, we have prepared the required learning content for biology and chemistry in a didactic and easy-to-understand way. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to take sample entrance tests. This allows you to better assess your acquired knowledge and the upcoming entrance exam.

Study medicine without NC 

Unlike in Germany, the University of Health Sciences in Kaunas allows students to study medicine without NC. Your previous grade point average is therefore not relevant.

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The Optimal Preparation

E-Learning & App

With the help of our e-learning platform and our learning app, you have the opportunity to prepare for the entrance exam at the University of Health Sciences in Kaunas and for your studies flexibly and from anywhere.

The platform contains over 90 learning videos as well as multiple and single-choice questions in biology, chemistry and physics. This way, you can prepare for the admission procedure in Kaunas in a goal-oriented way! In addition, you can carry out true-to-life test simulations.

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The city of Kaunas at a glance

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and the centre of the Kaunas administrative district. The city has a population of around 304,000. Situated at the confluence of the Memel and Neris rivers, it is spread over several hills. Geographically, Kaunas is located in the centre of Lithuania.

Things to know about Kaunas

The city of Kaunas

Today, the ruins of Kaunas Castle bear witness to the city's medieval past, while other sights include the historic Town Hall Square, the Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Jesuit Church. More recent buildings are from the Bauhaus style, which spans the arc of architecture into the 20th century. Kaunas will be one of the two European Capitals of Culture in 2022.

Due to the many universities in the city and the region, the city and its surroundings offer a wide range of activities for students, from sports and leisure facilities to cosy restaurants and bars.

Would you like to study in neighbouring Latvia? Then take a look at the following university: Medical studies Riga UOL

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying medicine in Lithuania

Kaunas Medical University is the largest university of medical education in the region and offers a unique combination of theoretical education and practical experience. Its proximity to the LSMU Kaunas University Hospital enables students to apply their knowledge directly in a clinical environment. In addition, the university offers a wide range of opportunities for research projects and exchange with other renowned universities worldwide through its international co-operations.

The application is made online, whereby all necessary documents must be submitted and checked. A crucial part of the application process is an interview to determine the applicant's motivation and English language skills. This is followed by an entrance examination in the form of a multiple-choice test in the subjects of biology and chemistry. Support in preparing for the test and the interview is offered through special courses and video material.

Yes, the University of Health Sciences in Kaunas enables a Medical studies without NC. This means that the previous grade point average is not relevant for admission, which makes the university particularly attractive for applicants who would be restricted by the NC in Germany.

A good command of English is a prerequisite, as most courses are held in English. If English language skills are not sufficient, applicants can take an English test to increase their chances of admission. The university offers support in preparing for this test.

The degree programme at Kaunas Medical University is strongly practice-oriented. Thanks to the close cooperation with the LSMU University Hospital, students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real clinical environment at an early stage. This practical training is a central component of the study programme and optimally prepares students for their future medical career.

The cost of living in Kaunas is relatively favourable compared to many Western European cities. They amount to around 300 to 400 euros per month, excluding rent. The cost of renting a one-bedroom flat in a good location is around 400 to 500 euros, while a room in a shared flat is available from 300 to 400 euros. It is advisable to look for accommodation early, as demand is high.

Kaunas offers a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. The city, rich in history and modern facilities, offers numerous sights, including the ruins of Kaunas Castle and Bauhaus-style buildings. As a university city, Kaunas offers many sports facilities, cosy restaurants, bars and a vibrant nightlife that is especially tailored to young people.

Kaunas University of Medicine has partnerships with around 140 universities worldwide. This international network provides students with numerous opportunities for exchange programmes and research projects, allowing them to benefit from a global exchange of knowledge. This not only promotes scientific development, but also enables students to gain valuable international experience.

Yes, the degree programme is fully recognised in Germany, Austria and all other EU countries. This is possible in accordance with EU Directive 2005/36/EC, which means that graduates can also begin their specialist training after completing the programme.

The university actively supports students in their search for suitable accommodation. There are offers for one-room flats and shared flats that are tailored to the needs of students. Due to the high demand for accommodation in Kaunas, it is recommended that you look for accommodation in good time. You can start your application at futuredoctor application portal.


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