Medical studies with a specialist baccalaureate

MUDr. Amandeep Grewal

MUDr. Amandeep Grewal

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Last updated: 20 March 2024
Study medicine with a specialist baccalaureate - Study medicine abroad

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Medical studies with a specialist baccalaureate: Your opportunities in Germany and abroad

Many school graduatesThe majority of students have the desire to become a doctor. In Germany, studying medicine after grammar school primarily requires good grades and, if necessary, entrance tests. But what does it look like if you have a specialist baccalaureate in your pocket? The German selection procedure presents Fachabiturientinside additional hurdles. But with an extended upper school to obtain the general higher education entrance qualification or a vocational qualification, a Medical studies with a specialist baccalaureate possible.

Study medicine abroad with Fachabi: How and where?

Unlike in Germany, some countries in other European countries allow direct study of medicine with a specialist baccalaureate. Latvia and Slovakia are particularly noteworthy in this regard. At we specialise in placing prospective students from German-speaking countries with renowned universities in these countries.

Why study medicine in Eastern Europe with a specialised baccalaureate?

The universities in Latvia and the Slovakia offer an excellent medical education. Its graduates are valued internationally and the degree is easily recognised in Germany. Instead of a NC an entrance test is carried out in Slovakia and an individual selection procedure in Latvia. We at provide you with comprehensive support - from the application to potential preparation.

Moreover, studying English not only offers language improvement and intercultural contacts, but also a solid foundation for your medical career. Whether for international congresses, scientific publications or further training: English skills are indispensable in the medical sector.

Costs and financing of studying abroad

Studying medicine abroad can be more expensive than in Germany. For an overview of the current tuition fees, we recommend our article here. But there is also good news: The cost of living is often lower and there are many ways to finance your studies. Find out more here.

Personal development abroad

In addition to academic training, studying abroad offers the unique opportunity to intensively experience a new culture, language and people. It opens up perspectives for personal and professional development.

Do you need support with the Application for medical studies with a vocational baccalaureate?

The team from is ready to accompany you on your way. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible support, both during the application process and beyond. Let's make your dream come true together - arrange a free, no-obligation job interview now!