How much will it cost to study medicine abroad in 2024?

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

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Last updated: 11 April 2024
Costs of studying medicine abroad

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Get an overview of possible costs for studying medicine abroad.

Many want to, only a few are allowed: Study medicine.

Medicine, not just a subject, not just a study, not just a science - medicine is a vocation, medicine is a passion. Every year anew, there are thousands of young people who would give anything for this dream. What is really necessary, what are the costs for studying medicine abroad and what options are there for medical study enthusiasts, you will find out in the following blog article.

Tuition fees for studying medicine abroad?

Those who want to try the famous faculties in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, etc., quickly discover that tuition fees of up to USD 500,000 are not uncommon.

But in comparison, equivalent Medical degree programmes at European universities almost a bargain: Although the costs vary from country to country, the tuition fees are significantly lower: If you are interested in studying medicine abroad, you can usually expect tuition fees between 7,500 - 20,000 euros per year. Living costs such as housing and study materials are also included.

What is the cost of living when studying medicine abroad?

As Cost of living is the term used to describe the costs that can arise at a place of residence for basic expenses such as food, basic services and leisure activities. These costs are around 10 to 20 % lower at the locations offered by futuredoctor compared to Germany and Austria. On average, the students need a monthly pocket money of about 400 to 500 €.

What housing costs can I expect when studying medicine abroad?

The Housing costs includes the basic rent and all periodic or monthly fees for the use of a flat. Depending on whether you choose a shared flat, your own flat or a student hall of residence, the monthly costs per person range from €250 to €600 on average.

As you can see, the dream of studying medicine abroad is quite realisable and especially at the present time, doctors who want to pursue their passion with conviction are in demand. For all questions about studying medicine we are at your disposal at any time and are happy to advise you on your studies abroad.

Here you have an overview of all the costs of Europe's top universities.

UniversityHuman MedicineDentistry
Charles University
Pilsen, Czech Republic
approx. 7.900€ / semesterapprox. 7.900€ / semester
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
approx. 8.500€ / semester-
Jessenius University
Martin, Slovakia
5.450€ / semester-
University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
Ø 10.000€ / Semester-
Semmelweis University
Budapest, Hungary
🇬🇧 9.100$ / Semester
🇩🇪 8.700€ / semester
🇬🇧 Ø 10.180$ / semester
🇩🇪 8.700€ / semester
Medical University
Szeged, Hungary
🇬🇧 7.900€ / semester
🇩🇪 7.600€ / semester
🇬🇧 Ø 7.640€ / semester
Medical School Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia
6.500€ / semester-
RSU Riga
Riga, Latvia
6.250€ / semesterØ 7.300€ / Semester
UOL Riga
Riga, Latvia
Ø 5.585€ / Semester8.250€ / semester
Comenius University
Bratislava, Slovakia
5.500€ / semester6.250€ / semester
Kashov, Slovakia
6.250€ / semester6.500€ / semester
Medical University
Pecs, Hungary
🇬🇧 approx. 7,400€ / semester
🇩🇪 7.500€ / semester
🇬🇧 approx. 7,650€ / semester
🇩🇪 7.720€ / semester
Palacky University
Olomouc, Czech Republic
6.250€ / semester7.000€ / semester
University of Health Sciences
Kaunas, Lithuania
Ø 6.333€ / SemesterØ 6.800€ / Semester
Victor Babes University
Timisoara, Romania
4.000€ / semester4.000€ / semester
Medical University
Cluj, Romania
4.000€ / semester4.000€ / semester