If politics fails, then we do it ourselves!

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

CO-Founder of futuredoctor

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Last updated: 17 May 2024
Major breakthrough for futuredoctor, St. Marien Amberg Hospital and Charles University in Pilsen

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Major breakthrough for futuredoctor, St. Marien Amberg Hospital and Charles University in Pilsen

After more than six months of intensive planning, our project has finally become a reality. For the first time, medical students from Charles University in Pilsen will now have the opportunity to work full-time at St. Marien Amberg Hospital from the 9th semester onwards while they continue their studies. This innovative and unique pilot project in Germany was launched by futuredoctor and aims to set the course for the future of our healthcare system. It aims to enable German medical students who are completing their studies in other European countries to gain valuable practical experience in German hospitals and receive medical training there.

The problems of German medical students abroad

It is still a mystery to me why politicians are not thinking about German medical students in other European countries. Politicians in Germany seem to prefer to point out shortcomings in the healthcare system in their speeches and fuel fears with the threat of a shortage of doctors, but fail to provide realistic solutions and implement them.

Financial burden for medical students

Every year, hundreds of German medical students decide to complete their studies in other European countries at their own expense, only to return to the German labour market later. The German state benefits from this situation: while a place to study medicine in Germany costs an average of EUR 200,000, the average cost in other European countries is EUR 75,000 - depending on the medical faculty. Students bear this financial burden alone, although most of them go on to work as doctors in Germany. There is no trace of financial support or scholarships.

Our pilot project as a solution

This is where our pilot project comes in and aims to set a strong example. We not only want to pave the way for German medical students abroad to return to the German healthcare system, but also help understaffed clinics to attract attention. If politicians don't offer us solutions, then we'll create them ourselves.

Thanks to the trailblazers

Special thanks go to Dr Hollnberger, Medical Director of the St. Marien Amberg Hospital, and Prof. Finek, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen. Without their visionary drive and innovative spirit, our initiative would have remained just an idea.

A look into the future

We are excited about the future, but today we are celebrating our first big success!