Can you still study medicine with a 2.0?

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Last updated: 18 June 2024
Can you still study medicine with a 2.0?

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Is it still possible with a 2.0 Study medicine? Almost every student knows that if you want to study medicine, you need a pretty good school-leaving certificate. But how good does it actually have to be? Is it still the case that without a NC of 1.0 can't study medicine? In this article you will find out whether it is possible to get into medical school with a 2 before the decimal point.

Studying medicine: a mystery for many people

Studying medicine still has a certain prestige value. Whether it's other students, teachers or parents, when it comes to very good grades, the word "medicine" comes up at some point.

Of course, everyone then has a "lot of knowledge" about how difficult the degree programme is, whether you can make it into medical school and, in particular, whether you are suitable for it. Unfortunately, not everyone realises in these moments that this half-knowledge is complete nonsense in 99% of cases. It's very easy to get advice from people who have never studied medicine, let alone been to medical school. Contact with a medical student.

If you still have a 2 in your A-levels (probably), then you can be prepared for these interviews to go in a very specific direction. In most people's minds, you need a 1.0! If you don't have this, it will be impossible to find a way into medical school.

We know ourselves that this can be quite exhausting in the long run and not always easy. That's why we want to give you some hope: you can also study medicine with a 2 in front of the decimal point! It just depends on how much you want it.

You can still study medicine with a 2.0?

It's definitely possible! First of all, it is extremely important to understand how many Possibilities and ways there are. The main criterion for gaining a place on a degree programme is not always just your A-level grades. You must fulfil one of the following four components in order to obtain a place at university:

  • Good performance (Abitur/TMS/Med-AT) -> State universities
  • Professional experience/education -> State universities
  • Financial resources and motivation -> Private universities
  • Readiness in Abroad to study -> Study abroad

These are the main categories under which most opportunities can be categorised. Of course, there are other opportunities such as studying at the German Armed Forces, Rural doctor quota etc.. This e-book provides you with all the information you need to get a place at medical school!

All information about your chances of getting into medical school in one e-book

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Good results in the Abitur/TMS/Med-AT

You can definitely shine in this area with a 2.0 Abitur. The TMS is always given more weight in the selection process, so that with a very good result, you have a chance of getting a place at university. The result will of course always be linked to your NC offset.

On the other hand, there is the Med-ATwhich is used as the number 1 selection criterion in Austria. If you are one of the best graduates here, then your Abitur doesn't matter at all and you will be offered a place straight away.

Vocational training/professional experience

This point is now always associated with good performance in the TMS along with it! Vocational training can give you a lot of plus points, but this is also extremely dependent on your TMS result.

By abolishing the Waiting time quota since the beginning of 2020Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to do an apprenticeship and wait the rest of the time for a university place. Your achievements have never been more in demand than they are today!

Financial resources/motivation

You also have the option of taking on debt and starting your medical studies at a private university straight away. Your parents don't necessarily have to support you! Studying at a private university is not just for the rich.

On the contrary, it can actually have quite a positive effect on your finances in the long term.

With a 2.0 Abitur, you have a good chance of getting a place at a private university, as long as you have the necessary motivation. Even at these universities, the number of applicants outweighs the number of places.

Willingness to study abroad

The slightly cheaper method than studying medicine at a private university is to go to the Abroad. There are also tuition fees here, but they are usually not quite as high.

At this point, it depends on whether you are prepared to leave your home country and study abroad. The quality of the degree programme is the same in any case and you won't have any particular disadvantages.

Which route is best for a 2.0 average?

To save you a lot of time and effort, we have looked into this topic in depth and talked to students from all over Germany. We have found the perfect strategy for you!

With an NC of 2.0, you should try to improve your numerus clausus. You can find out the smartest way to do this, which deadlines to meet and lots of other insider information here. A step-by-step guide to your dream place to study medicine!

Not sure how to get a place on a medical degree programme?

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