7 ways to study medicine with a poor A-levels

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Last updated: 18 June 2024
7 ways to study medicine with a bad A-levels

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7 ways to study medicine with a bad A-levels. Your A-levels are simply not good enough to get into medical school straight away. Baccalaureate quota get a place at university? That means you have to give up your dream and can't get a Study medicine?

Many outsiders who have had little to do with studying medicine still share the view that you absolutely have to have a 1.0 to be able to study medicine! But we can reassure you that the NC as the only criterion, no longer determines whether you can study medicine.

How you can improve your numerus clausus:

Here are all the ways you can improve your NC and get a place at university:
1. Lottery procedure

2. Vocational training

3. FSJ

4. TMS


6. Med-AT

7. Rural doctor quota

8. Study place claim

9. Studying with the Bundeswehr

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7 ways to study medicine with a bad A-levels

Here are the 7 options you have for studying medicine.

1. lottery procedure

There are some universities where places are allocated every year that have become available at short notice. For example, these are applicants who want to do something else before they start their degree programme.

These free places will then be raffled off. There are no more selection criteria! It's all down to your luck. So it's definitely worth registering.

2. TMS

The TMS can significantly improve your A-level average. The prerequisite is that your results are good. However, if you study hard enough, this is definitely possible. Depending on how good your percentile ranking is, you still have a chance of getting a place at university even with an Abitur of 3.0.

3. study with the Bundeswehr

For a Studying medicine with the Bundeswehr there are different prerequisites and admission requirements than at state universities. This means that you can study at the Bundeswehr even if you have a poor A-level average. Of course, this is also subject to certain conditions.

4. rural doctor quota

The Rural doctor quota was launched by the federal government to counteract the shortage of doctors in rural areas. A certain number of study places are made available for school leavers whose average is not good enough. You then study as normal at one of the state universities, but are obliged to work in the countryside after your medical studies.

5. university application

There are several lawyers in Germany who specialise in exactly this! They give high school graduates with a poor average the opportunity to study medicine at a state university anyway.

You have to spend some money on this, but it can turn out to be a good investment.

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6th Med-AT in Austria

Completely NC free, the Med-AT. Difference to the TMS? You have to study in Austria and it is almost impossible to return to Germany. This is a great opportunity for anyone whose Abitur did not go so well, because everyone who takes this test has the same chances!

7. medicine abroad/private universities

The path to the Other EU countries no longer just plan B! Studying medicine in a foreign country with a different language has some advantages over studying in Germany. For this reason, some people decide to study medicine abroad, even with very good A-levels.

Studying at a private university is also a great alternative. There are now various prices, which is why it can no longer simply be said that only the "rich" can afford it. It will probably cost a little more than studying abroad, but for some it can still make more sense if they can stay in Germany!

Which path is best for you?

We have already created a step-by-step guide to help you find the right strategy for your NC:

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