The great medical studies e-book

It has long been your dream to study medicine and become a doctor. But time and again you are confronted with the fact that you need a "perfect 1.0 Abitur". We give you hope again. 

With the right strategy, you can get into medical school with any A-level average!

This e-book provides you with all the information, deadlines and instructions you need to get a place at medical school. Leave all the stress and worries about the right way to study medicine behind you. 

A good doctor doesn't need an A-level!

Your solution in 3 steps

1. choose your A-level average

You can easily select the right package for you on our website. Our tips and tricks on how to get your university place as quickly as possible vary depending on your A-level average.

2. receive your e-book

You will receive your script with all the important information about studying medicine. All the information comes from medical students who were once in your position themselves. Our tips are therefore objective, based on our own experiences and are not tied to the interests of any other organisation.

3. we answer queries

Is something still unclear for you? No problem, just send us an e-mail and we will be happy to discuss it in detail. Together we will find a solution to your problem. 

All information about your opportunities collected in one e-book

Choose the e-book that best matches your A-level average:

A-level average up to 1.4

Price: 30€

A-level average up to 1.8

Price: 30€

A-level average up to 2.2

Price: 30€

A-level average from 2.3

Price: 30€

Your advantages at a glance

Errors are spared

You save time

Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Insider information

Personalised support

Up to date

All application deadlines

No counselling interview necessary

Always quickly available

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