Improve your A-level average by waiting semesters?

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Last updated: 18 June 2024
Improve NC by waiting semester?

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Improve your A-level average by waiting semesters? You would like to Study medicinebut your Numerus Clausus is unfortunately not good enough. Now you have often heard from friends that it is possible to get a place at university via so-called "waiting semesters". In this article, you will find all the important information about waiting semesters.

Waiting semester: New regulation of the Federal Constitutional Court

New regulations on university selection procedures have been in force throughout Germany since 2020. The reason for this?

In 2017, the Federal Constitutional Court issued the following judgement: "According to Art. 12 para. 1 sentence 1 in conjunction with Art. 3 para. 1 GG, every applicant for a university place has the right to equal participation in state study programmes and thus to equal admission to the course of their choice."

As a result of this judgement, the Selection criteria for universities standardised.

Improve your A-level average by waiting semesters? That has changed:

If you were planning to improve your A-level average by waiting, we are sorry to disappoint you. In the future, the whole thing looks a bit difficult.

Improve your A-level average by waiting semesters 2020:

In 2020, you can still have your waiting semesters recognised! For each waiting semester you receive 3 points in the Selection procedure. A total of 15 semesters can be submitted as a waiting period. This means that you can improve your chances by almost 50% with a maximum of 15 waiting semesters. But even if you can only show 2-3 semesters of waiting time, this can make a small difference.

Improve your A-level average by waiting semesters 2021:

In 2021, only 2 points will be awarded for each waiting semester. This means that you can improve your own Abitur average by a maximum of 30% with 15 waiting semesters. Of course, a few extra points won't do any harm here either. But that won't make a big difference!

Improve Abitur average by waiting semesters from 2022:

In 2022, the waiting period can no longer be taken into account as a selection criterion. This was one of the key decisions of the BvG. For many applicants, this regulation has become quite a big problem. Nevertheless, you can certainly benefit from it! For example the Weighting of the TMS has increased, making it much easier for some applicants to get a place at university.

The selection process

For many, the new regulations on selection procedures seem rather complicated. Admittedly, they are! To provide some clarity, we have created an overview that explains the entire selection process in detail and at the same time provides you with the perfect strategy for your A-level average:

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