Medicine study place by lottery: Your chances

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Last updated: 18 June 2024
Medicine study place by lottery: Your chances

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Medicine study place by lottery: Your chances. At the start of every new semester, there is a so-called lottery procedure. But what is it and how can you take part? Above all, is it even worth taking part?

What are lottery procedures and what are the requirements?

Lottery procedures are simply there to fill any remaining study places. For example, if an applicant cannot start the medical degree programme and this is only decided shortly before the start of the semester.

In principle, anyone with a high school diploma can take part in these procedures. Your NC plays no role at this point.

Applicants are selected exclusively at random!

Study medicine by lottery: It works at these universities

You can register for the lottery procedure at the following universities at the beginning of each semester:

Mail, letter, online form: How to register for the lottery procedure

Each university handles its own lottery procedure differently. Some universities only accept online registration. Here you can access the relevant page via the links and simply follow the instructions. Make sure you don't forget your user details, otherwise you may not be able to access the answer!

Other universities require a formal email or letter that you use to enrol in the lottery procedure. Here we have already created a template for you, which you will receive in our complete package.

What are the deadlines for the lottery procedures?

So you already know that each university is responsible for its own lottery procedure. This also means that the deadlines by which the procedures will take place differ.

You can find out the respective dates for the coming semester using the links listed. These are usually 1-month periods in which your application should be received. For the winter semester, these are between the end of September and the beginning of November.

Medicine study place by lottery: Your chances

What are your chances in the lottery for medical studies?

Admittedly, rather modest. Studying medicine is one of the most popular degree programmes in Germany, which is why very few people don't take up their offer!

As a result, there are only a few places available. Some university websites report on how many places have been allocated for the respective degree programme in the last few semesters. For some universities, this is actually 0.

But fortunately there are quite a few universities that offer the lottery procedure. So there is always some hope with every application! We have heard time and again, including in our personal environment, that it has worked out through the lottery procedure.

So it's definitely worth registering. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next lucky one.

Not sure how to get a place on a medical degree programme?

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