What is worth doing before studying medicine?

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Last updated: 18 June 2024
What is worthwhile before studying medicine?

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What is worth doing before studying medicine? Are you about to start your studies and don't know exactly how to bridge the remaining time? In this article, we tell you what really makes sense for you if you already know that you will get a place to study medicine.

Studying medicine: Preparatory courses urgently needed?

Physics, chemistry, biology, maths. If you didn't get a 2 in any of these subjects, then you absolutely have to do a preparatory course in order to pass the medical degree programme. Is that really true? Rubbish!

Not everyone needs a preparatory course. The basic subjects, such as physics or chemistry, start without any prior knowledge. Anyone can join them. Of course, it is easier for some if you already have the basics with you when you start your studies, but it is by no means an insurmountable obstacle if you don't have them!

Preparation courses are therefore definitely not necessary! If you feel more confident attending a course, then you can definitely do so. It's also guaranteed to make your start easier. However, you should definitely think about the costs and benefits.

Nursing internship before studying medicine?

Every medical student has to complete the 3-month course before the Physikum. Nursing internship have completed the programme. It doesn't matter whether you Nursing internship during your semester break, or even before you start studying.

In our experience, it definitely makes sense to start your degree programme with a completed internship. The reason?

  • You will be even more certain that you are really Become a doctor want (or not). This is because you occasionally gain an insight into working as a doctor and learn the basics of medical treatments. Above all, you get to know the work in the healthcare sector quite well.
  • You have free time during the semester break and can either use it for your studies or simply go on holiday. You can also start the new semester with fresh energy.

You can use the Nursing internship You can also split it up. This means that you don't necessarily have to do the 3 months in one go. However, 1 month is the minimum duration that you can have recognised.

Paramedic before studying medicine?

The paramedic is a 3-month training programme at the Rescue service. After completing the state examinations, you will be authorised to drive the ambulance together with an emergency paramedic.

The hourly wage is pretty good for a student job! So you have great opportunities to work during your studies. You also gain a lot of valuable practical experience! In particular, you will become more and more familiar with dealing with patients.

Unfortunately, the training costs just under €2000. In our opinion, however, it is definitely worth the money! Training to become a paramedic is definitely worth it. If you're lucky, you can also have one month of your training recognised as a nursing internship.

What else is worthwhile before studying medicine?

Is it worth catching up on Latin before studying medicine?

In a nutshell: NO. Terminology is the subject in which you learn all the basics of Latin, starting from 0. You don't need any prior knowledge for this and it doesn't help much if you know Latin.

Simply because terminology is the most "harmless" subject compared to other subjects in the first two years. Simply memorising vocabulary. You're guaranteed not to fail if you haven't studied Latin.

If you want to repeat something before you start studying because you feel more confident, then it will be most worthwhile if you Physics and chemistry. Once you have learnt the basics, it will be easier for you.

Conclusion: What is worth doing before studying medicine?

Nursing internship

  • Saves you a lot of time
  • Insight into the profession
  • Dealing with care
  • perhaps some operations


  • Skills
  • Dealing with patients/hospital staff
  • Insight into profession
  • Salary
  • Part-time job while studying

Preparation course

  • Security
  • Better opportunities for studying abroad in some cases
  • Better prepared for your studies

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