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MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

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Last updated: 4 June 2024

☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • In Germany, far more people apply to study medicine every semester than there are places available. Many of the applicants who do not get a place switch to universities abroad.
  • There are numerous good medical universities abroad that offer the best conditions for a good education for future doctors.
  • Here we present what we consider to be the 10 best universities outside Germany where you can realise your dream of studying medicine.

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The best universities for the Medical studies abroad offer you a high-quality education and a wide range of research options. They are characterised by high quality teaching, excellent medical faculties and international partnerships. As study places here are not allocated according to Numerus Clausus students with a lower A-level grade also have a chance if they are characterised by other qualities required for medical studies.

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Our ranking of the top 10 universities for studying medicine abroad

Studying medicine abroad offers a valuable opportunity for all those who no longer want to chase after the limited study places in Germany. Due to different admission requirements, the goal of studying medicine abroad can be realised. Human medicinen (or also the Dentistry) is easier to achieve in many cases.

We present the top universities in this article. Some of them require you to have a Admission test for which we can optimally prepare you. There is no NC for this, but other things are important.

There are, of course, many other good universities abroad that are not represented on the following list of the best universities for studying human medicine in other European countries. However, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at our selection.

1st place: Semmelweis University in Budapest

The Semmelweis University in Budapest takes first place in our ranking of the best universities for studying medicine abroad. It offers study places for human medicine and dentistry in English and even a Study in German to. This is of course particularly attractive as you don't have to worry about language problems during lectures and courses.

Just like at most other universities abroad, the allocation of study places is not tied to an NC, but is based on an individualised procedure.

Just like in Germany, the duration of study in Budapest is 6 years. Under certain circumstances, a Transfer to a German university possible. The tuition fees of 8700 euros per semester are not exactly cheap, but Semmelweis University has a lot to offer in return.

Our place 1: Semmelweis University in Budapest

2nd place: Charles University in Pilsen/Prague

Second place in our ranking of the best universities for studying medicine abroad goes to the Charles University in Pilsen and Prague. Tuition fees in Pilsen are 7,900 euros per semester and 8,500 euros in Prague. While you can only study human medicine in English in Prague, the university in Pilsen offers both the medical degree programme and the dentistry degree programme in English for students from all over the world.

You will learn Czech "on the side" anyway when living in one of the two cities, but thanks to the medical degree programme in English, it is not absolutely necessary to complete language courses beforehand.

As the university in Czech Republic is not too far away from Germany, it is particularly attractive for students from here. The individual admission requirements ensure that you can find a place in the Czech Republic even if Obtain a study place if you failed the NC in Germany.

3rd place: Medical University of Pécs

In the Hungarian city of Pécs there is another university where prospective doctors can study human medicine and dentistry in German or English. 

At 7,500 euros per semester, tuition fees in Pécs are lower than at Semmelweis University, which is also known for its German-language faculties. There is also no NC requirement in Pécs. The admission requirements and the criteria for any entrance test to be taken are determined individually by the university.

4th place: Jessenius University Martin

The Slovakian Jessenius University Martin is known for its modern facilities. Every year, around 180 places are available here to study medicine in English. At 5,450 euros per semester, the university is one of the cheapest places to study medicine abroad. We offer you valuable support in preparing for the entrance exam in the form of scripts, learning videos and preparation courses. This means you have all the information you need to prepare well for the entrance exam and have the best chance of gaining one of the coveted study places.

Place 5: Stradins University of Riga

5th place in our ranking goes to the Stradins University Riga in Latvia one. While at most other universities, medical studies can only be started in the winter semester, new students are accepted here in both the winter and summer semesters.

An entrance test with a required minimum number of points is not necessary at Stradins University, which can simplify access under certain circumstances. The tuition fees are 6,250 euros per semester. 

With 363 study places in winter and 262 in summer, the University of Riga is one of the largest providers of medical studies abroad. The programme is taught entirely in English and promises international diversity and high-quality teaching.

6th place: Comenius University Bratislava

The Comenius University Bratislava in Slovakia achieved 6th place in our ranking. Tuition fees amount to 5,500 euros per semester. This makes the university one of the cheaper universities in Europe. 

The university is only an hour's drive from Vienna, which makes it very popular with students from Austria and Germany. The entrance test at Comenius University takes place in March, June and August. All course content is taught in English.

7th place: Medical University of Szeged

In the Hungarian city of Szeged is the third medical university on our list where you can study medicine not only in English but also in German. Because of this option, there are a particularly large number of German students at Szeged Medical University, which makes it easy to make contacts.

The degree programme lasts 6 years and involves tuition fees of 7,600 euros per semester. There is no standard entrance test in Szeged. Instead, the university sets the admission requirements individually.

8th place: University of Latvia

Just like Stradins University, which you will find in 5th place in our ranking, the University of Latvia in Riga. It is known in Latvia and throughout Europe for the excellent education of its medical students.

You do not have to take an entrance test here. However, the number of study places is limited to 60 per semester, which is why you need to be convincing with your application in order to get a place at the University of Latvia.

5,583 euros is the tuition fee you have to pay each semester to study medicine at this university. However, the teaching here is really first-class and your degree will be recognised in Germany and other European countries without any problems after graduation.

9th place: Masaryk University in Brno

As one of the leading educational institutions in the Czech Republic, the Masaryk University in Brno a broad spectrum of academic programmes with a strong focus on research. Since its foundation in 1919, the Faculty of Medicine has produced many outstanding doctors and scientists. The close collaboration between professors and students is particularly noteworthy.

Like most universities, Masaryk University also has demanding admission criteria. Unlike at many other universities, the entrance examination is not conducted with multiple-choice questions, but with a written single-choice text with questions from the fields of biology, chemistry and physics.

In addition to the advantages offered by the university, the city of Brno also has a lot to offer students: year-round cultural events, a lively bar and café scene, many parks and outdoor leisure activities make Brno a popular student city with students from all over the world.

10th place: University of Health Sciences Kaunas

In 10th place on our list is the University of Health Sciences Kaunas in Lithuania. Founded in 2010, it offers practice-orientated teaching in the study of medicine. With tuition fees of 6,333 euros per semester, it is one of the best addresses in Europe. Students benefit from the large university hospital, where they can apply the knowledge they have learnt. This university offers a close connection between education and practical research, which will benefit you as a future doctor.

Why Harvard, Oxford and co. are not in our top 10

Our top 10 focuses on universities that offer an excellent medical degree programme with realistic access. Universities such as Harvard, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Columbia University and Yale University are known for their top quality, but due to the very high tuition fees and strict admission requirements, they are only real alternatives to studying in Germany for very few high school graduates.

Our focus is on medical universities that offer high quality with realistically achievable admission requirements, even if the Abitur grade does not correspond to the NC required in Germany.

Internationality and accessibility are just as much criteria for our assessment as good support for students during their medical studies.

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