At a glance

Study programmes
Human & Dental Medicine

Language & Duration
English, 6 years

Study places
Human medicine: 85
Dentistry: 20

Human medicine: 3,750€ / semester
Dentistry: 3,750€ / semester

Admission test
Date: not yet known
Application deadline: not yet known

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The Victor Babes University in Timisoara

The Medical University in Timisoara was founded in 1945 by a decree of the then King Mihail I and named after the Romanian pathologist Victor Babes. It is characterised by professional teaching and a multilingual team of professors. The degree programmes in human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy are offered full-time. The duration of study is 6 years in each case, and teaching is exclusively in English.

Since the university was founded, around 25,000 doctors have graduated from here, a good proportion of whom came from other countries. This speaks for the international orientation of the university, where the combination of clinical aspects with sound research is closely related.

The education in human medicine and dentistry at Victor Babes University is on a par with studies in other European countries such as Germany and Austria.

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Over 105 places are available for international students each year. Of these, approximately 85 are for students of human medicine and 20 for students of dentistry.

For the academic year 2023/24, the tuition fee is 3,750€ / semester for General Medicine and 3,750€ / semester for Dentistry.

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Teaching in small groups ensures a practical study experience!

  • The degree programme is fully recognised in Germany, Austria and all other EU countries.
  • There is close cooperation between professors and students.
  • Practical learning to put into practice what has been learned in theory.
  • According to the EU Directive 2005/36/EC, nothing stands in the way of starting specialist training after graduation.

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The Victor Babes University

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