At a glance

Study programmes
Human & Dental Medicine

Language & Duration
English, 6 years

Study places
Human medicine: 200
Dentistry: 50

Human medicine: 3,750€ / semester
Dentistry: 3,750€ / semester

Admission criteria
No entrance test, will be decided on the basis of the documents submitted

Application deadline
Not yet known

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Admission test at the Medical University of Cluj

Tucked away in the north-east of Romania is one of the most important cities for Romania's economy and education, Cluj-Napoca. It is the ideal location for students from home and abroad. Students make up as much as 25% of the population.

In order to be able to study at the University of Cluj, there are certain requirements that the application documents must meet. To your advantage: There is no entrance examination; the allocation of places is done after evaluation of the submitted documents. The selection criteria are based purely on academic and personal performance. The timely submission of all necessary documents and certifications is essential at the university.

In order to guarantee you a smooth admission process, we can support you in obtaining the relevant documents, translations and certifications in good time and submitting them on time. We also offer you feedback and suggestions for improvement in the compulsory letter of motivation, which can help you with your chances of admission. We keep track of everything for you, are your permanent contact person and even accompany you personally to your possible future university. What are you waiting for?

futuredoctor preparation

You will benefit considerably from our offer, which we have specially adapted for the various application processes at European universities. In this way, we can prepare you for any entrance exams under the best possible conditions, e.g. with our limited learning packages and our extremely effective e-learning.Our preparation offer includes among others:
  • E-learning with questions & answers for possible entrance exams
  • Mobile app - learn conveniently on your iPhone or iPad, whether at home or on the road
  • For universities with entrance exams: Test simulations - you can already see your expected result before the entrance test.
  • Over 90 educational videos for science subjects
  • Depending on the university, on-site preparation courses and flashcards for learning on the go

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