Medical studies in Romania

The futuredoctor universities where you can study medicine in Romania.


Victor Babes University

Victor Babes University Timișoara, Romania - Medical studies abroad

International medical studies in Romania are possible with futuredoctor at two different universities!

Study medicine in Romania

Romania is not only home to breathtaking nature, unique architecture and a lively night scene, but also a place for highly recognised and commendable medical studies for international students.

Studying medicine in Romania means immersing yourself in a multinational and dynamic environment, gaining unique cultural experiences and first-class qualifications that will have a great impact on your future medical career. Medical studies in Romania have an excellent reputation worldwide and enjoy many state-of-the-art facilities and innovative research opportunities.

The medical University of Cluj-Napocawhich is located in the second largest city in Romania and the Victor Babes Medical University in Timisoarahave made a name for themselves in Romania, as well as in many other countries abroad. The six-year medical degree programmes, which include both three years of pre-clinical and three years of clinical studies.

The Cost of living are the cheapest in the entire European Union. Another reason why it is becoming increasingly popular among medical students to study medicine in Romania and realise their dream of studying medicine there.

Is Romania the right place for you to study medicine, and do the medical Universities you? Then find out more about the faculties that offer you a high-quality and recognised medical degree in human medicine and dentistry. Cluj-Napoca Medical University and Victor Babes Medical University invite you to explore them and study medicine.

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