At a glance

Study programmes
Human & Dental Medicine

Language & Duration
Human medicine: 6 years
Dentistry: 5 years

Study places
Human medicine: 90
Dentistry: 35

Human medicine: Ø 6,333€ / semester
Dentistry: Ø 6,800€ / semester

Admission criteria
Entrance test (several dates to choose from)

Application deadline
5 July 2023

Well prepared for the exam in Kaunas with us!

Admission test at the University of Health Sciences

In order to be able to start your dream degree programme in Kaunas, you still have to overcome a few hurdles. You can apply to the University of Health Sciences by submitting the necessary documents online. These will be checked by the university for accuracy and completeness. In order to ensure a smooth process, we will take care of your application and take care of all bureaucratic and complicated official procedures!

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to fully focus on the interview, in which your motivation and English skills will be determined. If these are not sufficient, we will support you in taking an English test to increase your chances.

Afterwards, there is an entrance examination, which takes the form of a written multiple-choice test. The content of the entrance test does not exceed the content of a complete secondary school education in the subjects biology (30 questions) and chemistry (30 questions).

If your school days were a while ago or if you did not take one of the two subjects in the upper school, this is no reason to worry. In our video courses, we have prepared the required learning content for biology and chemistry in a didactic and easy-to-understand way. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to take sample entrance tests. This allows you to better assess your acquired knowledge and the upcoming entrance exam.

futuredoctor preparation

You will benefit considerably from our offer, which we have specially adapted for the various application processes at European universities. In this way, we can prepare you for any entrance exams under the best possible conditions, e.g. with our limited learning packages and our extremely effective e-learning.Our preparation offer includes among others:
  • E-learning with questions & answers for possible entrance exams
  • Mobile app - learn conveniently on your iPhone or iPad, whether at home or on the road
  • For universities with entrance exams: Test simulations - you can already see your expected result before the entrance test.
  • Over 90 educational videos for science subjects
  • Depending on the university, on-site preparation courses and flashcards for learning on the go

Soon study medicine yourself at the university of your choice

With our help to your medical studies!

Our offer, which is specifically tailored to the requirements and general conditions of the respective medical university, offers you the opportunity to significantly increase your chances of getting a place in human and dental medicine. Take advantage of this opportunity and find out more about our information package in order to fulfil your long-awaited dream of studying medicine - start your application today!

Your dream of studying medicine can soon become reality thanks to us!