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University of Health Sciences

University of Health Sciences Kaunas, Lithuania - Medical studies abroad

Studying medicine in Lithuania

Lithuania is an exciting and emerging country in the Baltics, offering excellent academic institutions, innovative facilities and a wide variety of English-language study programmes for international students. The country places great emphasis on education and research and is constantly developing.

Especially the medical faculties offer a great opportunity to students from all over the world who dream of studying medicine abroad and becoming doctors. Lithuania is a diverse country. From lush greenery in vast national parks to dreamy Baltic coastlines, you'll find endless adventures. It is growing in popularity as a travel destination, as well as a place to study abroad.

The cost of living is not too high and you can buy everything you need with little money. This is especially interesting for international students. Lithuania has two medical universities with recognised and accredited English-language programmes. Both meet European standards, so they are recognised in the European Union as well as in many other places in the world.

The University of Health Sciences in Kaunas makes it possible to study medicine in Lithuania in a practical way. Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and is less than 90 minutes by car from Vilnius. At the University of Health Sciences, many outstanding doctors have acquired their medical qualifications and were optimally prepared for their medical careers.

If Lithuania is the right place for you to study medicine abroad, learn more about the faculty here, which offers you a high-quality and accredited medical degree programme in human medicine and dentistry. The University of Health Sciences invites you to explore and study medicine.

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