Medical studies in Latvia

The futuredoctor universities in Latvia where you can study medicine.


University of Latvia

University of Latvia, Riga Latvia - Medical studies abroad
Stradins University Riga, Latvia - Medical studies abroad


Stradin's University

International medical studies in Latvia are possible with futuredoctor at two different universities!

Studying medicine in Latvia

Studying medicine in Latvia is extremely popular with international students as it is an exciting, diverse and highly modern country that enjoys affordable tuition fees. Although Latvia is not too big, it has a lot to offer international students. A wide range of recreational and social activities, a vibrant arts scene, an internationally acclaimed opera and a beautiful coastline with clean beaches where medical students can escape the stressful routine of medical school.

Apart from its beauty, Latvia also has an excellent education system. The medical universities in Riga are known worldwide. Therefore, more and more international students are interested in studying medicine in Latvia, especially in Riga.

The medical University of Latvia and the medical Riga Stradins University promote the high quality standards and education of their students. The degree programme in human medicine lasts 6 years and is divided into 12 semesters. Graduates are awarded the title "Medical Doctor" (MD), which is recognised not only in the European Union, but almost everywhere in the world. The Dentistry degree programme lasts 5 years and is divided into 10 semesters.

The government is continuously investing in its healthcare system. All hospitals in Latvia have introduced electronic patient records and are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. This ensures that you receive a medical education that is up to date and meets international standards. Studying abroad in Latvia is therefore a good choice to realise your dream of studying medicine.

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