Medical studies in the Czech Republic

The futuredoctor universities where you can study medicine in the Czech Republic.

International medical studies in the Czech Republic are possible at two different universities with futuredoctor!

Studying medicine in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic not only has a rich history, colourful culture and vibrant student life, but also an impressive selection of renowned medical schools. It has a reputation for high quality medical education and exceptional academic opportunities after graduation, combined with affordable tuition fees.

International students interested in studying medicine are also well catered for in the Czech Republic. Czech medical schools offer a great opportunity to students from all over the world who dream of studying medicine abroad and becoming doctors.

Medical institutions in the Czech Republic are known for offering one of the best English-language medical degree programmes abroad. Most faculties where you can study medicine in the Czech Republic offer a six-year degree in general medicine and a five-year degree in dentistry. All medical degrees obtained at Czech universities meet European standards and are therefore internationally recognised.

Two of the leading medical universities in the Czech Republic are, on the one hand, the Charles University in Pilsenwhich even enables you to study medicine at the oldest university in Central Europe and the Palacky University in OlomoucCzech Republic's student city.

If you are interested in studying medicine in the Czech Republic and it is the right place for you to study medicine abroad, find out more about the faculties that offer you a high-quality and recognised medical degree programme in human medicine and dentistry. The Charles University in Pilsen and the Palacky University in Olomouc invite you to explore them and study medicine abroad.

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