Costs of studying medicine abroad?

We tell you what costs you can expect if you want to study medicine abroad. Studying medicine abroad can involve additional costs compared to studying at home. At the medical schools we offer international medical universities there are tuition fees, which have to be paid per academic year or semester.

What costs can arise during your medical studies abroad?

  • Cost of living
  • Flat / Student Residence
  • Books, laboratory / clinic clothing
  • Agency fee
  • Tuition fees

Food, basic supplies as well as leisure activities - The cost of living of studying medicine abroad, at the locations we offer, is around 10% to 20% lower compared to Germany and Austria. Our students need average a monthly pocket money of around 300 to 500 €.

Depending on whether you choose a shared flat, a flat for yourself or a student hall of residence, the average monthly costs per person range from €250 to €600 per month.

In order to successfully complete your medical studies, you need good study equipment. You should plan on around 200 € per semester for learning materials and clinical clothing.

Anatomy atlas, lab coat as well as dissecting instruments for anatomy lessons are included in the futuredoctor starter package.

In the course of the application procedure, a one-off application fee of 880 euros is due. This fee must be paid to futuredoctor during the application process. In case of a successful placement, futuredoctor will receive a one-time placement fee of 9,600 euros from the applicant.

Our promise of success:

Our placement fee is due if you actually receive your offer of a place in human medicine or dentistry and you have passed the admission test or the admission procedure. If you do not pass the admission procedure and therefore cannot be offered a place, our placement fee does not apply and you only pay the application fee of € 880.

It is important to us that all our applicants receive a place to study medicine and fulfil their dream of studying medicine. Therefore, if you receive a place in human medicine or dentistry at a state medical university in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and do not wish to study abroad, you do not have to pay our placement fee of 9,600 euros (in this case, you only pay the above-mentioned application fee).

You can find more details in our General terms and conditions.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees of Europe's top universities at a glance

UniversityHuman MedicineDentistry
Charles University
Pilsen, Czech Republic
approx. 7.400€ / semesterapprox. 7.400€ / semester
Jessenius University
Martin, Slovakia
5.450€ / semesterx
University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
Ø 10.000€ / Semesterx
Semmelweis University
Budapest, Hungary
🇬🇧 9.100$ / Semester
🇩🇪 8.300€ / semester
🇬🇧 Ø 10.180$ / semester
🇩🇪 Ø 9.260€ / semester
RSU Riga
Riga, Latvia
6.250€ / semesterØ 7.300€ / Semester
UOL Riga
Riga, Latvia
Ø 5.585€ / Semester8.250€ / semester
Comenius University
Bratislava, Slovakia
5.250€ / semester5.950€ / semester
Kashov, Slovakia
5.250€ / semester5.500€ / semester
Medical University
Pecs, Hungary
🇬🇧 approx. 7,400€ / semester
🇩🇪 7.500€ / semester
🇬🇧 approx. 7,650€ / semester
🇩🇪 7.720€ / semester
Palacky University
Olomouc, Czech Republic
6.250€ / semester7.000€ / semester
University of Health Sciences
Kaunas, Lithuania
Ø 6.333€ / SemesterØ 6.800€ / Semester
Victor Babes University
Timisoara, Rumanian
3.750€ / Semester3.750€ / Semester
Medical University
Cluj, Romania
3.750€ / Semester3.750€ / Semester

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